Water Softeners


Hard water is caused by high amounts of calcium or magnesium in your well water. Hardness is measured in grains per gallon.

Ideally your well water will be 3 grains per gallon or less.

However, it is common to find well water in excess of 3 grains per gallon.

Water Softeners work through a process called ion exchange. As the water passes through the resin media in the filter bed calcium is attracted to the resin and attaches to it.

During the regeneration process the softener will draw in sodium form the brine tank and exchange calcium ions fr the sodium ions leaving the resin bed ready to continue softening the water.

Water softeners also have the ability to remove small amounts of clear water iron.

The benefits of a water softener include removing calcium build up from your homes pipes and appliances, soap and shampoo will wash away easier, laundry will stay brighter and not dull, dishes and appliances will not build up with calcium.

water softener



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